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ArmyConnect™ is your Soldier’s Army Knowledge Offline or AKO Offline digital dashboard and AKO Cards shortcut source. We only highlight a handful of often-used Army website links as AKO Cards directly on the front page. Our intent is to save you time and reduce headaches when you can’t sync favorites on your work computer or phone.

We are working on adding more Army 365 and AKO links and features to help you remain effective in the digital domain. Some of the features we added to help you:

Please let us know if there are any high-demand websites we can add as AKO cards to this page.

– ArmyConnect™ Staff –

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Your AKO Offline Digital Dashboard

Our AKO Cards are your new Army Knowledge Offline links to official Army websites that you requested.


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About ArmyConnect™

ArmyConnect™ is a personal knowledge management project started in 2018. Similar to MiitaryCAC (a great website by the wa), we are 100% self-managed and self-funded. We aim to provide information, tools, and resources to help you become efficient and remain focused on the mission.

If there is an AKO Offline link or information you believe we could add to help build situational awareness and soldier readiness, please let us know. Last, while we source all of our information from government sources, all comments, articles, posts, and information is not an endorsement from the US Army or Department of Defense.

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