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ArmyConnect™ welcomes you to your Soldier Career Management and Personnel Management dashboard. The biggest update that impacts all personnel is the launch of IPPS-A. Every Soldier should make an effort to take the training to become familiar with some of the self-service HR processes available. Some of the actions that are now part of IPPS-A include:

  • Leave and Passes: now called absences in IPPS-A
  • Record of Emergency Data: similar to the SGLV, you can update your DD Form 93 online
  • Personnel Actions: replaces some actions typically done via a DA Form 4187
  • Duty Status Roster: replaces actions usually annotated on a PERSTAT in eMILPO
  • Army Promotions: Enlisted and Officer Board Files and Information (Linked to HRC / CAC Required)
  • HQDA Board: Board schedules, board preparation, and Army board results

Please let us know if there are any high-demand websites we can add as AKO cards to this page.

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Army IPPS-A Links

Below are several links for the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A). One link directs you to the IPPS-A training, required before you gain full access and will help guide you along the Army’s transition to a streamlined HR process. There is also a link for individuals already trained for self-service. Another link for elevated use: for professionals, Commanders, and those with elevated privileges. Last, we have a link directing you to S1Net, a professional HR forum that provides a wealth of information for all Soldiers, not just your HR personnel.


Links to official Army and DoD websites that you need to maintain combat readiness.

Soldier Career Personnel Management Army Promotions

Soldier Professional Development

We believe that when it comes to developing and leading an Army, leadership, mentorship, and coaching can serve as powerful tools. No matter how strong and capable Soldiers are, leaders must support them with the right guidance and encouragement in order to make the most of their skills and reach their fullest potential. Soldier career management is a fundamental principle in the Armed Forces – investing in the development of Soldiers is not only essential for mission success, but also for a healthy and motivated fighting force. This experience carries through the Soldier transition and Army retirement.

What did We Miss?

Let us know what you would like to see added to this page to assist Soldiers and leaders. We are looking for tools, links, and shortcuts that add to soldier career development. We do not have an ‘end state’ per se, but we do want to create a comprehensive platform to help Soldiers and leaders have a better experience throughout their tour of duty; old Soldiers and new alike

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