Untether Yourself with the Army BYOD App

Use The Hypori Army App to Access A365


Let’s be clear; no one wants to be more accessible than the requisite 24/7 that most leaders are right now. That said, no one also likes to drop what they are doing to jump on a computer only to find out there’s no dang CAC reader! Blast you ActiveClient!

The Hypori Army BYOD app allows all the non-GFE freedom fighters to remain connected to their Army 365 email. Just don’t tell your chain of command. Otherwise they will start passive-aggressively emailing you at night expecting a quick response. Middle management corporate America does the same thing, but you don’t have to worry about getting stuck on staff duty.

And, oh, this program is entirely optional, so don’t burn up a spare barrel reading this article if you are not interested in enhancing your productivity.

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Introduction to the Hypori Army BYOD Program

Are you ready to join an exclusive team that will bring you the cutting-edge technology of today? Did that sentence sound like a sound bite from a sales pitch from 2015? Good! The Hypori Army ‘Bring Your own Device’ (BYOD) Program allows you to join their Remote Capability Workforce Program (RCWP) and use the Hypori Halo app. By joining the program, participants can access A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites with the help of the mobile client. The Hypori Army BYOD Program is the perfect opportunity to lean forward in the proverbial technological foxhole to gain increased situational awareness. It’s easy to stay connected and keep up with your team. With the help of the Hypori Halo application, users can access the most advanced tools available while on the go. Even better, you can use a smartphone and a tablet to access all the essentials for working remotely. The Hypori Army BYOD Program provides an unparalleled opportunity for soldiers to participate in the RCWP; you’ll finally join the 21st Century and become part of a team with access to the best technology.

What Should I Tell My S6?

Not a word. A good S6 already pushed this information out to the organization and assisted in getting those interested in the program on-boarded. And that tech-warrior recommended that not everyone should need to be part of the program. What a great American, saving one Squad Leader and Company XO at a time! A decent S6 has done their homework and stands ready to assist. A bad S6 doesn’t know this is a thing, but they also haven’t moved the organization to Army 365 SharePoint. All jokes aside, this program is an individual effort that benefits anyone who needs access to A365 but does not have a GFE. Not only will you be able to work remotely, but you’ll be able to stay connected with the most advanced tools for communication and collaboration. It’s the perfect way to remain informed and stay connected while on the go.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the Hypori Army BYOD Program?

Joining the Hypori Army BYOD Program provides a suite of benefits. From increased productivity to better collaboration, the program enables personnel to access the A365 suite of products securely, Microsoft Teams, and even NIPRNet websites. With increased mobility and improved connectivity, the program has many advantages for military personnel. 

The Hypori BYOD Program offers enhanced security for accessing websites like NIPRNet, so military personnel can use the most secure service to protect sensitive data while on the go. With single sign-on capabilities, access to assigned resources is quick and easy. 

The program also eliminates the need to carry multiple devices. Personnel can easily sync their devices to the secure Hypori cloud to access daily tasks, increasing productivity and streamlining workflow. Furthermore, with the program, personnel can access the A365 suite of products, and who doesn’t love to jump on an MS Team call from their “office.” This program allows more personnel the flexibility to collaborate with other personnel, share ideas, and communicate in real time from anywhere in the world.

Also, the Army is becoming smarter with it’s technology solutions and IT budget (more or less) by reducing the cost of mobile phones and services by offloading the burden to you. How wonderful!

What are the Requirements of the Hypori Army BYOD Program?

The Hypori Army BYOD Program is an excellent way for members of the US Army to access high-level technology and computing systems from their own devices. To join the program, applicants must meet specific requirements. 

All applicants must be Active Duty, DA Army civilians, a drilling Reservist, or National Guard member. Additionally, you must have a provisioned Army 365 account and agree to the terms and conditions of the program. No retirees. Sorry, but not sorry, and thank you for your service. Your time is better-spent fishing or yelling at people to get off the grass.

Applicants must also provide an up-to-date device, as the Hypori BYOD program has specific specs they need it to meet. This includes having the latest version available of Android OS on a mobile device or iOS 11 or later on an Apple device.

How Do I Join the Hypori Army BYOD Program?

Joining the Hypori Army Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program is simple and straightforward. For military members and civilian personnel wanting to access A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet Website resources, these steps will help you quickly and securely join the program.

NOTE: these instructions come directly from the Hypori support page. Sorry, no screenshots, but they are available via SharePoint. 

  1. Register in the RCWP Enrollment Portal. You have two options: via the NIPRNet or commercial internet. Both options are secure and ask for the same information.
  2. Select BYOD and click ‘New Enrollment.’
  3. Accept the Acceptable User Agreement.
  4. Complete the requested personal information.
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Middle Initial
    • Grade
    • DoDID
    • Command
  5. Boom! Problem solved, problem staying solved. ​​​​​​​The system will send an automated e-mail confirming your enrollment. Once approved, you’ll get an automated e-mail notifying you of your approval.

Once your account is set up and validated, you can access A365 securely and MS Teams. You’ll receive a secure device key to access the NIPRNet Website via the Hypori app on your mobile device.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions to set up your account. Activate and sign into the app using your Army CAC, PIV, or other Smart Card credentials. 

HYPORI Army BYOD Guide Chart via HYPORI Halo Hypori App
Photo Credit: Hypori

Setting Up the Army BYOD App

The Army BYOD App is the simplest and most secure way to access your A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites while on the go. Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading and setting up the Hyper Halo application:

  1. Search for ‘Army MobileConnect Authenticator’ in the Google Play Store or App Store and download the application. Yeah, yeah, one more authenticator app on your phone.
  2. Configure the Army MobileConnect Authenticator.
  3. Search for ‘Hypori’ in the Google Play Store or App Store and download the application.
  4. Configure the Hypori Client using the directions in your onboarding email.
  5. Last, begin your Purebred Registration. You will need a computer with NIPRNet Access. Go to AESD and generate a trouble ticket using the included instructions.
  6. Once logged in, you’ll be asked to enter your security key. This security key protects and encrypts your data, so make sure to enter it carefully.

NOTE: If you cannot get into AESD, you can call, and they can walk you through registration, which might be quicker as their instructions might vary slightly.

That’s it! Using the Hyper Halo App, you’re now ready to access A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites!

Accessing A365 MS Teams and NIPRNet Websites with Hypori Army BYOD Program 

The Hypori Army BYOD Program offers service members an enhanced and secure way to access A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites. It allows authorized personnel to use their devices to log in and gain full access from anywhere. With the Hypori program’s military-grade technology and security, users can rest assured that their communications are secure and free from potential breaches. 

Users of the Hypori program can quickly and securely link their devices to the Army’s networks and databases, including A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites. Hypori requires two-factor authentication (2FA) and uses 256-bit AES encryption to ensure data is secure and only accessible by authorized personnel. Additionally, the Hypori platform is designed to detect potential threats and malicious activity, immediately alerting users of potential cyber incidents. 

Tech Support for the Hypori Army BYOD Program

The Hypori app provides secure access to A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites for soldiers in the US Army. With this program, soldiers can easily access their business and communications applications from their mobile devices, regardless of location or current mission. This allows them to stay connected and engaged when on the go.

Despite all the hype, there are some growing pains. Some have delayed enrollment, some have CAC registration issues, setup was a breeze for us and a disaster for others, and of course, we have the lovely, emulated Android app that is slower than molasses running uphill in the middle of winter.

If you experience issues, you can find help at this SharePoint link (CAC or NIPRNet required). Here are the listed help topics:

  • Enrollment
  • Dual-personal
  • Setup
  • ISEC7
  • Personal
  • Other

You may also contact the Army Enterprise Service Desk – Worldwide (AESD-W) at 866-335-ARMY or AESD-W Portal.


This pilot program provides Soldiers, Civilians, and Contractors access to secure networks. Through its use of A365, MS Teams, and NIPRNet websites to provide secure remote access, the program ensures that all personnel can stay connected, no matter where they work. With secure multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and other security measures, users can be assured that their information is safe when using the program. By leveraging the power of cloud computing and mobile device technology, the Hypori Army BYOD Program allows users to collaborate, share information, and stay productive while deployed. Whether Soldiers, Civilians, or Contractors, the program provides a reliable solution to keep personnel connected to the mission when they are away from the office.

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